Welcome to the Legal Office of IUS

The primary role of the Legal Department of the International University of Sarajevo is to provide legal advices to the IUS bodies on issues involving the interpretation of the Law on Higher Education of Sarajevo Canton as well as on other international and domestic law matters.

Our department also provides help to academic and administrative personnel, students and departments within the University, in understanding and applying relevant government and IUS regulations in the course of their work or study at IUS. 

Potential students or university staff are welcomed as well to contact IUS Legal Department with questions in regards to enrolment into IUS, transfer of ECTS credits, recognition of foreign degrees, work on university campus, or on the matters of appointment into academic rank, obtaining working or study permit, and other legal matters of that kind.

In addition, Legal Department is in charge of analyzing and drafting IUS regulation, making sure it is consistent with Bosnia and Herzegovina's constitutional and legal framework, modern European standards and practices and effective in accomplishing intended goals set by IUS legislative bodies.

Legal Department also takes an active role in the process of modifying higher education system in Sarajevo Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina. To this effect, it works closely with domestic institutions at all levels of government, and oversees legal drafting process.